Molecule Structure Research Centre, National Academy of Sciences of Armenia.


Laboratory of Optical Spectroscopy

Research of molecular structure by Optical Spectroscopy

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·         Tigran Kurtikyan

·         Garik Martirosyan

·         Hayk Haroutunian

·         Astghik Hovhannesyan



Laboratory of Optical Spectroscopy

In Laboratory different dispersive and Fourier IR, Raman, and UV-Vis spectrometers for all ranges of optical spectrum are available.

Kurtikian S. Tigran (1946) - Head of laboratory, doctor of chem. sciences (Moscow, Institute of Elementorganic Compounds, Ph.D. Thesis: "The Investigation of The Interaction Steams of The Transition Metals with Unsaturated Compounds by The Matrix Isolation IR Spectroscopy Method" (1978). Doctor Thesis:"Structural Pecularities of Metalltetraarylporphyrins Sublimed Layers and their Coordination Properties" (1998, Moscow State University)

- Vibration (IR and Raman) and electronic absorption spectroscopy of organic and coordination compounds, matrix isolation spectroscopy and spectral, electrophysical and catalytic properties of metalloporphyrins.

Martirosian Gagik (1963) - senior scientific researcher, (1998, Ph.D., Institute of Chemical Physics of National Academy of Sciences, Armenia))


FT IR Spectrometer Nexus

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