Kurtikyan, Tigran Stepan
Head of the Laboratory of Optical Spectroscopy,
Molecule Structure Research Center NAS RA,
26 Azatutyan Ave., 375014, Yerevan, Armenia
Head of the Laboratory of Instrumental Methods of Analysis,
Armenian Research Institute of Applied Chemistry,
5/2 Artashat Str., 375053, Yerevan, Armenia
e-mail: tkurt@msrc.am
fax : (37410) 282267
phone : (37410) 563249(home),(37410) 287423 (office)

Dr. Kurtikyan has created biomimetic microporous systems containing coordinatively unsaturated metal atoms. Author of more than 120 publications.





Individual grant of the International Science Foundation.


ISTC Award # A-21 ( US collaborator Prof. C.E Strouse, UCLA, USA ) // Spectral study of the mechanism of catalytic CO-oxidation by low-temperature Co-porphyrin layers.


INTAS Award # 911( Coordinator - Prof. J. S. Ogden, UK ) // Reactions of metal atoms, clusters and complexes in matrices.


NFSAT/CRDF- Award .# CH-053-02/BGP-12001( US Collaborator - Prof. J. A. Goodwin, Coastal Carolina University, SC, USA) // Spectral study of the O-atom transfer reactions performed by nitro-complexes of metalloporphyrins.


CRDF Award #AC2-2520-TB-03 ( US Collaborator Prof. P. C. Ford, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA) // Spectral and kinetic study of NOx reactions with Metalloporphyrins.


ISTC Award # A-484 ( US Collaborators: Prof. C. E. Strouse, Prof. J. A. Goodwin and Prof. P. C. Ford ) //Gas sensing, catalytic and heme-modeling properties of metalloporphyrins sublimed layers.


Prize of the President of the Republic of Armenia for Scientific Researches in the Field of

Natural Sciences.


The prize of all-Armenian World Congress, Union of Armenian in Russia, and Armenian Academy of Sciences for the best scientific publication of 2008.


The chairman of Organizing Committee of 8-th International conference on low temperature chemistry, Yerevan


Звание профессора





2018  Կուրտիկյան Տ.Ս., Հրաշագործ մոլեկուլը, Գիտության աշխարհում, 2018, 1, 42-47:


2018  Монография

   Т. С. Куртикян

K 938     Оксиды азота и гем-модели: мозаика взаимодействий/Т.С. Куртикян.

Ереван: Антарес, 2018, 368 стр.

Монография содержит исследования автора и его сотрудников, посвященные взаимодействиям оксидов азота с гем-моделями. Благодаря оригинальной методике исследования получено и спектрально охарактеризовано большое число ранее неизвестных нитрозильных, нитритных и нитратных комплексов металлопорфиринов, выявлены типы координации этих амбидентных лигандов и спиновые состояния ионов металла. С применением низких температур исследованы механизмы реакций диоксигенации и диспропорционирования оксида азота, переноса атома кислорода с координированной нитритной и нитратной групп. Используя изотопные соединения, содержащие 15N и 18О, сделано надежное отнесение полос колебаний в нитрозильных, нитритных и нитратных комплексах Fe-, Co- и Mn-порфиринов различного строения.

Для исследователей, преподавателей и студентов, работающих в области координационной и бионеорганической химии, биофизики, молекулярной спектроскопии,  криохимии. 


T. S. Kurtikyan

Nitrogen oxides and heme-models: а mosaic of interactions.

The monography includes researches of the author and its laboratories devoted to the interactions of nitrogen oxides with heme-models. Thanks to the original research technique, a large number of previously unknown nitrosyl, nitrite and nitrate complexes of metalloporphyrins was obtained and spectrally characterized, the type of coordination of these ambidentate ligands and the spin states of metal ions were determined. With the application of low temperatures the mechanisms of nitric oxide dioxygenation and disproportionation reactions, and oxo-transfer reactivity from coordinated nitrite and nitrate were elucidated. Using nitrogen oxides isotopomers, containing 15N и 18О, the reliable assignment of vibrational bands in the nitrosyl, nitrite and nitrate complexes of the Fe-, Co- and Mn-porphyrins was performed.


 ISBN 978-9939-0-2810-1


The works of the laboratory are published in the best scientific journals of the world on chemistry, such as, "Angew. Chem. Intern. Ed.",  "Journal of the Amer. Chem. Soc.", "Inorg. Chemistry", etc. See the "Selected publications."


Dr. Kurtikyan's research seeks to understand the role of metal porphyrins and related metal complexes in the possible catalytic activities and sensor properties of such systems in their interactions with small molecules such as nitric oxide, dioxygen, carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide. These chemical systems are valuable models of proteins and enzymes that have crucial roles in the control of blood pressure, neurological signaling and immune response in humans and therefore have drown considerable attention from the biomedical community. Dr. Tigran Kurtikyan's laboratories are equipped with modern spectroscopic apparatus including FT-IR and FT Raman spectrometers, dispersive Raman spectrometers, numerous UV-vis spectrophotometers, Helium closed cycle refrigeration systems for matrix isolation studies, etc. The main direction of investigation is low-temperature stabilization and spectral characterization of the intermediates formed in the course of interactions of various ligands with metaloporphyrins of biological relevance to throw light on the mechanism of transformations taking place in biological systems. Methods are developed to investigate these interactions spectroscopically without hindering the effects that occur in solvents. A number of intermediates were stabilized at low-temperature conditions and spectrally characterized as well as the number of reactions performed by porphyrins metallocenters were found. Especially productive were the investigations devoted to nitrogen oxide interactions with heme-modeling metalloporphyrins. An elusive 5-coordinate nitrito intermediate of iron-porphyrins has been recently characterized that transfers to nitrosyl-iron porphyrin when completed. This observation throws light on the recently discovered therapeutic property of nitrites as vasodilation agents. Based on the metallocomplexes of meso-monopyridyl-tri-phenylporhyrins Dr. Kurtikyan has created biomimetic microporous systems containing coordinatively unsaturated metal atoms of biological importance (Fe, Co, Mn). These are the first such systems anywhere and his work has shown that they can have great practical use such as selective adsorbents, oxidation catalysts, and sensors.

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