NMR Laboratory, Molecule Structure Research Center, Armenian Academy of Sciences

Armenian National Science and Education Fund (ANSEF)

Research Grant 05-PS-chemorg-0823-306


"Solvent Effects on Molecular Structures Determined by NMR Spectroscopy in Weakly Aligning Media"



Status of Project:          Ongoing

Principal Investigator: Dr. Astghik Shahkhatuni, junior researcher

Consultant:                 Dr. Henry Panosyan, Head of NMR Laboratory

Participants:               Aleksandr Sahakyan, undergraduate student, Medical University, Department of Pharmacy

                                   David Potoyan, undergraduate student, Yerevan State University, Chemistry Department


Collaborator:             Angela Gronenborn, University of Pittsburgh



The existence of large solvent effects on structure in many liquid crystals leads to ambiguities of structures of oriented molecules determined by NMR spectroscopy. Therefore, one can not be sure in absence of solvent effects in weakly aligning media used for biomolecules. In this project I will study a large number of orienting media with the aim to test solvent effects on structures and develop the criteria for the choice of relevant media for 3D structure determination of different types of molecules. I intend to understand the reasons of observed solvent effects and create methodology for determination of unambiguous, reliable and precise structures of molecules in weakly aligning systems.


Last Update: May 30, 2006
By: Astghik Shahkhatuni (astra@msrc.am)