Ok, I do not have a hobby at this moment which I'm a master at. But I do enjoy several activities and things.


Recently I try to learn to dance and so far I've learned some traditional Armenian dancing moves. Waiting impatiently to learn more!

And here what I tried last year when I was in the US.


Yeah, I realized I like it, especially baking various cakes and cookies. It can be quite rewarding especially if you have guests at your house.

Ballroom Dancing

It's such a fun to dance with partners!

Belly Dancing

It's interesting to twist and shim every part of your body!


Well, I didn't know how to swim at all, so it was pretty hard, but at least now I can go 50 m freestyle.


Ok, now some of the things I tried recently for the first time (surprisingly!), and wouldn't mind to repeat, since I had lots of fun.


I couldn't swim at all that time, so I think I was pretty brave and I was rewarded for it; I enjoyed kayaking. Would definitely like to repeat, although with my swimming skills (see above) I will still prefer very calm waters.


Well, I was considering learning this, but I managed to only try once and fall only around 50 times.


Few times I managed to send the ball to the hole,... unfortunately sometimes it wasn't my ball.


Well, what can I say, I hit couple of holes from the first strike. Now that what I call becoming excited :o)


Now some of my previous activities and old flames :o)


Unfortunately for some objective reasons I could not continue to train, but karate was my obsession for a long time. I trained Shotokan karate.



Jackie Chan

I'm an admirer of Jackie Chan. I am sure everybody had fun watching at least one of his dozens of movies full of action, adventures, joy, simple but funny jokes, small and funny tricks as well as dangerous and impressive stunts, and of course, interesting and resourceful martial arts scenes and fights.


Jean-Claude Van Damme

Well, I have to mention him, because due to him I improved flexibility of my legs. I think it's not bad!


The Beatles

Well, besides from martial arts and related things I'm also a big fan of "The Beatles". Their simple but wonderful melodies are always in our minds and hearts. They can cause sad or joyful thoughts, but always warm feelings toward life and people.