Molecular Structure Research Center

Azatutyan 26, Yerevan, Republica of Armenia




Born: January 28, 1959, Rostov-Don, Russia

Nationality: Armenian

Marital status: Married

Address: A.Avetisyan 70, 71,375033, Yerevan, Republica of Armenia



Ph.D. in bio-organic chemistry, 12/1984 - 10/1988

         Institute of organic chemistry, Moscow, Russia

         Dissertation: Experimental and theoretical investigation conformational states of

                               disaccharides in aqueous solutions

M.S. in physical chemistry,  09/1976 – 06/1981

          Yerevan State University, Yerevan, Armenia


Research experience

09/2001 - present

Director of Molecular Structure Research Center, Yerevan

04/1994 – 09/2001

Researcher in NMR laboratory, Molecular Structure Research Center, Yerevan

·        Maintain NMR spectrometer Varian Mercury-300


12/1988 – 04/1994

Researcher in laboratory of phys.-chem. methods of investigation,

Institute of fine organic chemistry, Yerevan

·        Maintain NMR spectrometer Varian XL-200


11/1981 – 11/1984

Research assistant in laboratory of chemistry,

Institute of radiocommunication, Yerevan



Awards and honors

·        Diploma from Minister of education of Poland Republic



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