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Alexander Piroyan

Personal Information

         Age: 30

         Marital status: married

         Children: have a child


[ 1994-1999 ] Yerevan State University Yerevan, Armenia

Diploma of Chemist N A 041660 (with excellence)

          Graduate study at chemical department (synthesis and investigation of organic compounds)



[ 1998-1999 ] Rostock University Rostock, Germany


          Diploma practice at department of organic chemistry (research in the field of carbohydrate chemistry)


Research Experience

[ 1999-2002 ] Yerevan State University Yerevan, Armenia


          Post-graduate study at division of organic chemistry (synthesis and investigation of chemical properties of heterocyclic compounds)


[ 2002 ] Yerevan, Armenia

Diploma N A 01789

          The PhD thesis devoted to the synthesis and investigation of chemical properties of five- and six-membered unsaturated lactones and lactams



[ 2002-present ] Institute of General Chemistry Yerevan, Armenia

         Research associate


[ 2004-2007 ] ISTC A-960 project Yerevan, Armenia



[ 2007-present ] Molecule Structure Research Center, Yerevan, Armenia

         Research associate


Field of Research

          Synthesis and investigation of chemical properties of heterocyclic compounds and their potential medicinal usage

          NMR-investigation of organic compounds (molecule geometry determination using LC NMR-spectroscopy)



         Methods and techniques of modern organic chemistry

         Work experience with Varian Mercury-300 NMR-spectrometer

Computer Skills

         Operating systems MS Windows, Linux, Unix (Solaris)

          Software most of chemical and spectroscopic software, MS Office, high level of Internet usage

          Programming languages: studying MS Visual Basic, MS Visual C#


         Dual mother tongue Armenian / Russian

         Good knowledge of English

         Elementary knowledge of German


Personal skills

         Result and team oriented

         Willing to travel and relocate if necessary



         Sport, Music, Literature, Computers & Advanced Technologies


Patents and publications

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9.       G.Melikyan, A.Piroyan, A new approach for the synthesis of d-lactams as potential drugs, The third transmediterranean colloquium on Heterocyclic Chemistry (TRAMESH 2004), 2004, CA-132.

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         Available upon request