Liquid Crystalline Solvents


MR - Mesophase Range; N - Nematic; S - Smectic; CH - Cholesteric; Dc - anisotropy of diamagnetic susceptibility (10-8, sm3/g); De- anisotropy of dielectric permeability; viscosity (cP);

Name Composition Phase Property Reference Producer
ZLI 997 Mixture of azoxy compounds and a biphenyl ester       Merck
ZLI 1132 Mixture of three trans-4-alkyl-(4-cyanophenyl) cyclo-hexanes with propyl, pentyl and heptyl as the alkyl groups and trans-4-pentyl-(4'-cyanobiphenyl-4)cyclohexane 24/36/25:15 thermotropic

N S?

MR = -10÷71; Dc = +4.86; De=10.3   Merck BDH, Poole, UK
ZLI 1083 Eutectic mixture of three phenylcyclohexanes   Dc = +4; De=9 Merck 11865 Merck
ZLI 1167 Ternary eutectic mixture of three p-cyano-p'-alkylcyclohexylcyclohexanes with propyl, pentyl and heptyl as the alkyl groups CCH-3/CCH-5/CCH-7 36:34:30 thermotropic N S MR=32÷83; Dc=-4.5; De=3.9   Merck
ZLI 1221 Mixture of phenylcyclohexanes, biphenylcyclohexane, and phenylcyclohexane esters thermotropic N Dc>0; De=8.0   Merck
ZLI 1291   thermotropic N Dc>0; De=8.6   Merck
ZLI 1565 Mixture of six LC:; two trans-4-propyl-, trans-4-pentyl -(4-cyanophenyl) cyclohexanes; two ethyl- and butyl- phenyl-propylcyclohexanes; 4-ethyl- pyrimidine- and  and propylphenyl- phenyl-propylcyclohexanes: 17:23:16:12:22:10 % thermotropic N MR=-20÷85; Dc= ; De=5~6; Dn~0.13   Merck
ZLI 1695 Mixture of four 4-n-alkyl-4'-cyanobicyclohexanes, R=C2H5, C3H7, C4H9 and C7H15 thermotropic MR=13÷72; Dc= -4.0; De=4.2   Merck
ZLI 1982 Mixture of alkylphenylcyclohexanes, alkylcyclohexanebiphenysl, and bicyclohexanebiphenyls thermotropic Dc>0   Merck
ZLI 2293   thermotropic N MR=-40÷85; Dc; De=10   Merck
ZLI 2806 Mixture of alkylbicyclohexanes and  alkyltricyclohexanes, and trans,trans-4,4'-dipentyl-trans-1,1'-dicyclohexane-4-carbonitrile (main component) thermotropic Dc<0;

De=-4.8; Dn~0.0.45

ZLI 3086 Mixture of seven LC: thermotropic MR=-20÷76; Dc>0 ; De=0.1; Dn=0.1131 nonpolar Merck
CHCA, LC-805 Equmolar mixture of trans-4-n-butyl- and trans-4-n-hexyl- cyclohexan-1-carbonic acids N MR=-27÷95; Dc= -1.4or 10; De=+0.17   Soyuzreactiv
L52 Mixture of N De=9.7   Chisso
Phase IV, N4, ZHK-434 C17H20N2O2 Eutectic mixture of p-methoxy-p'-butylazoxybenzenes thermotropic N MR=16÷76; Dc=15.0; De=-0.2   Merck
Phase V Mixture of Phase IV and p-ethoxy-p'-butylazoxybenzenes 65:35 thermotropic N MR = -5÷75; Dc>0; De=-0.2   Merck
EBBA C19H23NO N-(p'-ethoxybenzilidene)-p-n-butilaniline thermotropic N MR = 40÷81; Dc = 15.9; De=-0.32 H.S.Subramhanyan, J.S.Prasad, Mol.Cryst.Liq. Cryst., 1976, 37, 23 Eastman, Merck, Aldrich
MBBA C18H21NO N-(p'-methoxybenzilidene)-p-n-butilaniline thermotropic N MR=20÷47 Dc>=9.7;  De=-0.59 [26227-73-6] Merck, Acros
TBBA terephtalaldehyde-bis(4-n-butilaniline) thermotropic N MR=199÷233  
PAA C14H14N2O3   thermotropic MR=119.5÷136.5; Dc=8.9;    
HAB ??? C26H38N2O p,p'-di-n-heptylazoxybenzene thermotropic N SA MR=35.4÷54.7÷72.2 Dc>0 [37592-89-5] Aldrich
DPOAB C22H30N2O3 p,p'-di-n-pentyloxyazoxybenzene thermotropic MR=76÷124; Dc>0;  
HOAB, HAB C24H34N2O3 p-p'-di-n-hexyloxyazoxybenzene thermotropic N SC MR=81÷107÷129 Dc>0  
HOAB, HAB  C26H38N2O3 p,p'-di-n-heptyloxyazoxybenzene thermotropic N SC MR=79.5÷95.4÷126.1 Dc>0  
butyl-p-(p-ethoxyphenoxycarbonyl)phenylcarbonate thermotropic MR=56÷87;  
I35 (IS 1157)   thermotropic MR= 30 ÷106; Dc>0; De=0.5 C28H39F Merck R&D UK, EMD
I52 4-ethyl-2-fluoro-4'-[2-(trans-4-pentylcyclohexyl)-ethyl] biphenyl thermotropic N S MR=24÷105; Dc>0; De=1.83 U.Finkenzeller, T.Geelhaar, G.Weber, L.Pohl, Liq.Cryst., 1989, 5, 313 EM Industries Inc.
E5 Eutectic mixture of alkyl cyanobiphenyls   MR=12÷77; De=15;   BDH
E7 Eutectic mixture of 5CB, 7CB, 8OCB and 4,4'-pentyl-cyanoterphenyl, 51/25/16/8 N MR=-10÷60; Dc=10.9; De=11; E.P.Raynes, R.J.A.Tough, K.A.Davies, Mol.Cryst.Liq. Cryst., 1979, 56, 63-68. BDH, Merck
E8     Dc>0; De=18;   BDH
E9     De=15;   BDH
TN Mixture of  cyanobiphenyl, pyrimidines and esters        
TN-615 Mixture of ZLI 1167 and TN {65:35)        
TN-619 Mixture of ZLI 1167 and TN {63:37)        
TN-621 Mixture of ZLI 1167 and TN {71:29)        
TN-623     Dc=10.29; De=17.2;    
5CB, K15 C18H19N 4-n-pentyl-4'-cyanobiphenyl N MR=24÷35.3; Dc=12 ?; De=11.5   BDH, EM Chemicals
6CB, K18 C19H21N 4-n-hexyl-4'-cyanobiphenyl N Dc=12; De>9   BDH, EM Chemicals
7CB, K21 C20H23N 4-n-heptyl-4'-cyanobiphenyl N MR=30÷42.8 Dc=12 ?; De=11.6   BDH, EM Chemicals
8CB, K24 C21H25N 4-n-nonyl-4'-cyanobiphenyl, (4-cyano-4'-n-nonylbiphenyl) N SA MR=21.5÷33.5÷40.5 Dc>0; De=8.7   BDH, EM Chemicals
9CB, K27 C22H27N 4-n-octyl-4'-cyanobiphenyl, (4-cyano-4'-n-octylbiphenyl) N SA Dc>0; De=7.1   BDH, EM Chemicals
6OCB, M18 C19H21NO 4-n-hexyloxy-4'-cyanobiphenyl N MR=57÷75.5; Dc>0; De=8 [41424-11-7] BDH, EM Chemicals
8OCB, M24 C21H25NO 4-n-octyloxy-4'-cyanobiphenyl N SA MR=47÷77÷80; Dc>0; De=16.3   BDH, EM Chemicals
S1103 trans-4-n-propyl-4'-(4-cyanophenyl)-cyclohexan       Merck
S1114 or PCH5 trans-4-n-pentyl-4'-(4-cyanophenyl)-cyclohexane nematic, smectic MR = 30÷55; Dc = 4.0; De=9.9; U.Finkenzeller, T.Geelhaar, G.Weber, L.Pohl, Liq.Cryst., 1989, 5, 313 Merck
S1115 or PCH7 trans-4-n-heptyl-(4-cyanophenyl)-cyclohexane smectic MR=30÷60.5; Dc = 3.5 ?; De=15.6;   Merck
CCH2, ZLI1537 1-(trans-4-n-ethylcyclohexyl)-4'-cyanocyclohexane N S MR=29÷46÷49; Dc=-5; De=4.5 C15H25N EM Chemicals
CCH5, ZLI1185 1-(trans-4-n-pentylcyclohexyl)-4'-cyanocyclohexane N S MR=49÷62÷85; Dc=-5; De=4.5 C18H31N EM Chemicals
CCH7, ZLI1186 1-(trans-4-n-heptylcyclohexyl)-4'-cyanocyclohexane N MR=71÷83; De=4.5 C20H35N EM Chemicals
CPBr cetylpyridinium bromide + hexanol + NaBr +water lyotropic     Aldrich
CPCl cetylpyridinium chloride + hexanol + NaCl + water lyotropic     Aldrich
CTAB cetyltrimethylammonium bromide + hexanol + NaBr + water lyotropic     Fluka
CTACl cetyltrimethylammonium chloride + hexanol + NaCl + water lyotropic     Fluka
SDS Sodium decylsulfate + anilinium decylsulfate + Sodium sulfate + decanol + water lyotropic Dc<0   Merck
SDS Sodium dodecyl sulfate lyotropic     Fluka
SS Sodium stearate lyotropic     Fluka
PL Potassium laurate (D2O+n-decanol+KCl+ potassium laurate, 60:6:4:30) lyotropic Dc  
PBLG Poly-gamma-benzyl-L-glutamate + chloroform or methylen chloride lyotropic CH  

Last Update: April 22th, 2002